Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet smell of success.

Finals are over! I survived. I feel amazing. I got all A's except for one lousy B (apparently I'm not very good at making decisions) I worked hard, I believe I have a scholarship looming in my near future. I'm driving home tomorrow and get to be with my family for christmas. Today I get to go to a building dedication and hear from the Lord's prophets. I get to spend one last fun filled night with my room mates. Watch christmas movies, eat everything bad, stay up all night, and have fun. I can't wait. Yup this semester has ended pretty ideally. 3 cheers. Hip Hip Horay.

Also this picture makes me pretty happy
These sweaters saw a lot of love this year.


Taylor Family said...

Good for you Chan! Drive safely.

Madison Beazer said...

Wow all A's and one B! Thats amazing! I have such a smart sister! You will for sure be getting a massive scholarship. Can't wait for you to come home!