Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lady A

Lady Antebellum was out of this world.
They are sooooo good in concert.
My love for country music has grown substantially.
A few years ago I can remember dreading driving to Idaho for school because my car only had the radio and I was going through Montana A.K.A country state. I knew that only country music would be on so the majority of the drive I drove in silence. That's how much I disliked country music. Now it's completely different. When I drive through Montana I search through every station in hopes of finding a good country song on. In Idaho over half of the radio stations I have saved in my car are Country stations. I don't know what's come over me.
But I love it.
So Lady Antebellum. We were originally sitting in section 139 better known as the nose bleed section. But thankfully Shayne used to work in utah for the Bee's and ran into one of the guys he used to work with who gave us a seat upgrade. We got to sit in section 10, which was a reserved section nonetheless. It made the experience so much better. I don't think I stopped dancing the WHOLE NIGHT LONG.

Ironically my room mate and her boyfriend were going to the concert as well. We didn't pick our seats out together but some how ended up sitting in the same section just a couple of rows away.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture (above) how high up we were and then with the one below how much better our seats were.

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jennica said...

i love country now too. what has become of us!? miss you!