Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who Knew a Pretzel could be so fun

I had to lead a class discussion today and I wanted to bring a treat.
Sometimes I get sick of everyone always bringing cookies, cake, skittles blah blah so I decided to make pretzels to shake it up a bit.
Well let me just say, the recipes online need to be a little bit more clear on their directions or something because obviously I wouldn't do anything wrong when making pretzels...
That being said the dough did not work out. We had to add about a cup more water and by that time the dough was SUPER tough. So we bagged the pretzel idea and madison made this out of it...

Which then turned into this....

He was a great partner for yoga
BUt he misbehaved so we punished him by putting him in the oven.
And we might have ended up eating some of him because he smelt so good. It was a little morbid since we had gotten so close to him and for the fact he had been on my head and handled by all of us... good thing we cooked it at such a high temperature right?
I just picked this bum off the streets of Rexburg. He looked hungry so I figured he could enjoy some pretzels with us.

And this is completely random. But I had thrown my hair into a ponytail to wash my face and I was curious as to how it looked. And this is what I found.

It separated my hair perfectly into blonde and brown and it made it look like it was in a bow. To bad I will NEVER be able to replicate this.


Taylor Family said...

That looked, um.... interesting :) I love your hair. You amaze me. I've never thought of taking a picture of the back of my head!

Madison Beazer said...

why must you insist on putting hideous pictures of me on here?