Friday, July 6, 2012

Stupid. Maybe, Maybe not

Just get ready to call me stupid.
Especially any family members who may read this that are living at my house right now that I haven't even told because I know it was potentially dumb, but I did it and I'm alive.
On Thursday I picked up a hitch hiker. 
This is the story.
I was on my way to Raymond for Summer games 
*Insert me and my partner took silver in badminton. YAY
So at the turnoff to raymond I see a hitch hiker headed in the opposite direction.
Usually I see hitch hikers, feel bad and wish I could pick them up then forget about it.
But for some reason I saw him and thought if I was driving back home I would pick him up. It just felt okay? I continued to play out this whole scene of where I would talk to someone on the phone the whole time and have some secret code word so that if anything started going wrong they could call the cops or something. 
Anyway went and played badminton and was driving home 2.5 hours later. 
I just get past Magrath and who do I see on the side of the road, but the hitch hiker still walking. (That's like 12 KM of walking in the heat with no water or food. And I came to find out he'd been walking since just past Lethbridge. Now we are probably tacking on another 12 KM.)
All the sudden I notice my foot has pressed on the brake and while this is happening I'm saying out loud "NO NO what am I doing. I can't pick him up! I'm all by myself."
Despite my minds resistance I found myself pulling off to the side of the road approaching this man with his hands waving furiously in the air.
I roll down my window and I can feel my whole body shaking as I ask him where he is going.
He tells me he's going to Cardston and that he's pretty sure he's got heat stroke because his arms are starting to go numb and such. 
Every logical part of me said to leave but I just couldn't. I really feel like I was suppose to pick this guy up. Seriously call me crazy and stupid but it felt so right, from the first time that I saw him (Sounds like some kind of romance...) But really I think I would've been devastated had I found out later that this guy had died or been hospitalized and known that I could've helped him.
I just tried to be super nice cause I've heard that makes it harder for people to hurt you. I gave him my water bottle and a piece of gum and blasted the AC as well as rolled down his side of the windows. I made some small talk in the beginning and just tried to be as sweet as could be. 
He slept pretty much the rest of the way home.
So there is my story. I picked up a hitch hiker and lived. 
I will probably never do it again but I'm honestly really glad I did this time.


jaron said...

ya chanel at was dumb but you've done good the holely ghost told you to stop and you stop wow nice what do you think did the holely ghost say something to you

Gibb-Gibb said...

YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!! Your next goal should be to try hitch-hiking yourself ;) Jokes.

Becky Beazer said...

I'm actually a little envious. Whenever I see someone on the side of the road, I want to stop and help, but that's when criminal minds episodes start coming to mind, and I just can't stop for fear of being attacked. I'm glad nothing happened to you and that you were able to help that poor guy out.