Saturday, December 8, 2012

Picture Post

A post dedicated to pictures. Mostly for you Adria, since you are the only family member without facebook who might not ever see my pictures.
 Matt and I at the Boise temple dedication
 Black friday shopping. Nothing worth staying up till midnight for. But I needed to experience it at least once.
 I don't know how he fell asleep like that...
 Jazz Game
 Salt Lake Temple Lights. BEAUTIFUL.
 On this morning I wasn't particularly nice to Matt because I was really stressed and did some things to hurt his feelings. But he's such a great forgiving boyfriend that when I left my house later this was written on my car. Then later that day after classes I found my favorite chocolates in my car. He's too good to me.

We really are the most attractive couple on Campus.

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Taylor Family said...

Thanks Chan! You really are the most attractive couple on campus! I can't wait to meet Matt :)