Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's day

This is probably one of the first Valentine's day I really enjoyed.
Last year was great for the fact that I went to a Lady Antebellum concert.
But the cold hard truth is there is nothing better then spending the day with the person you love and doing sweet things for them.
I think I'll do it more often. Who says we need a special day set aside to show love? 
For Valentine's day, Matt and I had talked about having pancakes in the morning but then he texted me that morning and said he just realized he had homework due in the next few hours so he wouldn't be able to.
About 15 mins later I got a text that said there was a surprise downstairs for me.
He had made heart shaped pancakes and had gotten everything I like on my pancakes all prepared for me. There was also an orchid on the table. 
It was so sweet to come down stairs to that.
Later that day I decorated a table with a heart table cloth, heart shaped plates, champagne classes with hearts on them and then did the usual scattering of candy hearts and the unusual scattering of crispy chocolate soccer balls since Matt plays soccer. 
Matt made me lasagna as that was our first date meal together and it was delicious. We just ended the night I think watching a movie or talking. Whatever it was it was great. 
I so look forward to many more valentine's days with Matt.

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