Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interview special

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I got interviewed by my old FHE brother. 
He had to create a youtube channel for one of his classes and it's about engaged couples.
He asked Matt and I a series of questions, without one another in the room, and then made a little interview out of it. 
I wish it was longer and had more of our answers.
Matt and I talked about the questions and answers after we got interviewed and found that we had answered a lot of questions the exact same. 
I loved that because it tells us just how much we have talked about things, how well we listen, and how much we know about the other.
It was a lot of fun to do and I love having this little piece of our love story.
Here it is, enjoy.
Engaged interview 

And here are just 2 pictures of Matt and I.
Get used to this just being about Matt and I and nothing really else of importance.


jennica said...

You two.... Just too cute!!

Boy said...

I totally watched that video a couple days ago. I don't remember who I saw that posted it...but they did, and I was all like "I KNOW THEM!"
It was special.