Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I have a pet rat.
I love him. 
Everything he does I find hilarious.
I can already tell I'll be one of those moms who their child touches their nose and I think it's adorable and think that everyone should know about it.
I have been training oscar for the last couple of weeks.
Let me give you some stats like he was my own child.
Oscar weighed 188 when we got him.
He weighed 248 when we started training but has lost a little weight and is now 237.
Oscar can eat food from my hand. His favorites are animal crackers and peas.
Oscar is a little clingy and doesn't like going to Matt or Madison. He'll go to them for a couple of seconds before he's running back into my arms.
We are working on training him to go to the bathroom in his cage. (We've had a few accidents)
Oscar can successfully press a lever to get food and will search for it under cups.
He hates baths and in retaliation he poops all over. I figure it's because I've literally scared the poop out of him.
Oscar is very curious and loves to sniff everything.
He likes to sit on my shoulders and burrow under my hair. 
I think it's so cute when Oscar takes his little paws and cleans off his face, sniffs my face, or curls up in my arms. 
I love Oscar and want to bring him home with me to Canada. 
Matt isn't on board but I blame that on the fact that Oscar doesn't like Matt that much, therefore Matt doesn't like him. Plus he probably wants all my attention and knows Oscar would get to much of it.
I just can't bear the thought of him being eaten by a rat or being donated to science....
Here are some pictures.


Taylor Family said...

Sorry, but I'm with Matt on this one. If he escapes his cage and finds a female rat, you can have up to 2000 rats within a year. Yuck! Does he live in your apt. or at a lab? I do feel bad that you'd have to donate him to something, maybe a grad student would like him.

Kristen Ruiz said...

What the HECK?!?!?! Chanel, I never would have imagined you with a pet rat. Hahahahah, which is why it is so awesome!! Will he have an important role in your wedding?

Unknown said...

Oscar. The Grinch. **Attention. Oscar likes Chanel. Oscar does not like me. Chanel gives Oscar animal crackers. Chanel makes me give Oscar a bath.**