Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Beginnings

When I started blogging again, I debated on whether or not I wanted to write about my pregnancy up to this point. I had decided I didn't want to, and then Jennica did. And it was so cute and I thought about my motivation to blog more this year is to print off a book at the end so that when my children are older then can look at them. So I realized I would probably regret it if I didn't record things about my pregnancy previously. I know I was sad when I'd ask my mom questions about when she was pregnant with me and she couldn't remember clearly if that was with me she felt that way or one of the other kids. Enough rambling though lets get to the good stuff.

1st Trimester Symptoms
Headaches: Yes. If I didn't take some sort of a nap you could count on me having a pounding headache by 5 and ready for bed. 
Morning Sickness: None, Nausea all day? Yes. Didn't help that I was waitressing at the time and to this day the thought of fish and chips or an onion bloom makes me a little queasy.
Tired: I have never felt so tired in my life. I was taking about 3 hour naps everyday and going to bed at about 9-10 o'clock. Sometimes my naps would even occur at 10 in the morning, after I'd only been up 2 hours.
Mood: Nothing really changed. I did cry twice at work and found myself crying in shows. And when I say crying I mean bawling. It was like my best friend had just died. 
Food Aversions/Cravings: I didn't really come to hate anything, but I had to have some things a certain way in order for me to like it. Vegetables, I could only eat with ranch dip and salads became the last thing I wanted. Water had to be ice cold. And gum had to be fruit flavored. As for cravings, pretty much everything unhealthy that I never ate before. French fries, sugar cereal, Kraft Dinner, candy... I thought I would be the healthiest pregnant woman. WRONG
Weight gain: about 6 pounds.  

I started thinking I might be pregnant a couple of days before we actually found out, but I didn't want to take a pregnancy test so soon because I had done that before and was disappointed when the results weren't what I had wanted. I went to the doctor on August 21 because I had swollen lymph nodes and was afraid I had cancer or something and when I started telling him how else I had been feeling he asked if I was pregnant. So I took a test there and he brought it back into the room and showed it to me and there was a pink line and a blue line not a positive sign (+) so I said "Okay I am not pregnant" to which he replied one of us is and it's not me! I broke down crying right then and laughing too. I was so happy. 
Matt and I waited until his mom came down in September to tell our parents. It was both grandparents 9th grandchild so we requested stir fry to be made and matt and I got fortune cookies and took out the old fortune and put in our own. It read "Great blessings are in store for you. Your 9th grandchild is due in April." Sadly, no one in our family really likes fortune cookies so getting people to actually take a cookie and open it was a struggle. I was getting ready to burst. It took a couple of seconds for things to register with our parents when they read it but after it set in there were cheers, smiles, high fives, and hugs. 
We waited until my first ultrasound to start telling people because we wanted to make sure everything was good and healthy with our baby, which it was. Hearing little baby's heartbeat was probably my favorite thing and continues to be one of my favorite things each time I go to an appointment. 
(How embarrassing, I am wearing the same outfit)

We called family members to tell them the good news. The best reaction was my sister in law Crystal, which I should've known would be the case. She started dancing around and cheering like a mad woman. It was one of those moments were I wish my head had a video camera on it and I could just mentally hit record and then transfer it to my computer. 
This is how we announced it to pretty much everyone we knew via facebook. It was so nice to finally tell people because it felt like everyday I was checking my facebook and people were announcing their pregnancy and I just couldn't wait to finally join in. Our little nugget is going to have so many friends her age. 

Well I think that about sums up the first trimester. 

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