Monday, January 20, 2014

Random ramblings.

I feel like I have a monster inside of me sometimes. A starving, kicking, funny little monster. I feel like she is going thru some major growth spurt because I think if you were to come over to my house, 9 times out of 10 I would be eating something, and I probably just ate an hour or so before hand. I AM STARVING ALL THE TIME. The most annoying thing lately is that little baby is being a stinker and waking me up not only once, but sometimes twice in the night because she is hungry. It's like a game to her or something. I try to stuff myself before I go to bed, but I still usually get up around 430 with a growling stomach, feel my way to the kitchen, grab a piece of bread and sit and munch. Then I get back in to bed and just lay there for the next hour unable to sleep. The only nice thing is I get to spend that hour with my belly buddy. Sometimes she is a little restless at night too so I just lay there with my hand on my stomach thinking about her and how much I love her, despite having to get up in the night to eat and go to the bathroom. I guess she is just preparing me for when she is REALLY here and is REALLY hungry. Oh I can't wait.
She has also become an even bigger monster because she has found her way to my ribs. It doesn't hurt yet. Mostly just tickles and makes me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I even laugh out loud because it feels so WEIRD. I kind of have a sense of how long she is cause when I can feel her little toes tickling my ribs I can feel her little hands punching diagonally next to my belly button. 

In other random married news Matt is a teachers assistant to a business teacher who owns a brick oven. He invited us to his house tonight for pizza. Matt tells me it tastes just like the pizza in Italy. All I know is it's unlike any pizza on the american continent.
 This is the woes of living on the 3rd floor in the 3rd building when the only 2 places to do your laundry are located on the first floors of the 1st and 4th building. We forgot to bring our hamper down with us when we went to get the laundry and in order to avoid having to walk back upstairs, downstairs, then upstairs again we bundled all our clothes up in our sheet. Mission accomplished.

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jennica said...

I love that you can feel where she is! And I'm up 4 or 5 times peeing or hungry so I totally feel your pain. Love hearing everything!