Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Goodbye Rexburg

Rexburg Idaho has been really good to me over the last what feels like 20 years. I've made lots of friends, had some interesting experiences with room mates, ate a lot of g's dairy ice cream, graduated from BYU-I, and most importantly found my true love. Well, I have officially left that place for good, since I graduated last semester and Matt will do so this year we have no reason to go back and live there. I thought I would love this day, but I ended up being really sad. These last two semesters with Matt have been some of the best! We have become really good friends with a lot of awesome couples. It's hard to imagine that we will likely not hang out with them again. Maybe our kids will hang out with their kids in college and they'll have fun together like we did. That's a happy thought.

I wish that I had gotten more pictures of everyone we spent time with and the things we did cause now they are all just memories with no proof that we actually ever did anything! Some of my favorite things were dinner and game nights. We'd all bring something to contribute to the dinner and then play games like catch phrase, cranium, apples to apples, charades and various other things. These games could get pretty intense as we usually played girls against boys and depending on who you ask will determine who won most often. We also had a lot of milkshake and movie nights. Almost every weekend we would make oreo peanut butter milkshakes and watch movies with another couple or two. Sometimes popcorn was also involved. Then there were the occasions were we'd go do things on campus like rollar skating, bowling, or comedy shows that had some really TERRIBLE acts and some really funny ones. Yup there were definitely some good times that I am going to miss. But the good news is, there are fun couples everywhere and we'll just make new friends and have more awesome experiences.
 Roller Skating and Ice Cream. I know roller skating was probably not the smartest idea for a 8+ month along pregnant woman but I couldn't pass it up! And the good news is I only fell once, and it was Matt's fault. I started rubbing my belly and singing "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" and Matt was apparently not ready, because he lost his footing and went down hard. Since we had been holding hands by the time we let go I was a little off balance and fell as well. But my hands hit the ground before the belly did so it wasn't bad at all. I think little baby had a great time all in all as she was moving around the whole time. 
I had to get Red Robin Fries one last time before we left. Pretty sure they hated us since we got there 15 minutes before closing. But lucky for them all we wanted was bottomless fries. Oh it was so good. My mouth is watering just thinking about their fries. 

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Sydney said...

I know the feeling! Sad to move but so many exciting things to look forward too. Hurry and have your baby! I'm dying to see what she looks like. :) you look fab by the way!