Monday, March 31, 2014

The weekend.

My hubby came for a visit this weekend. With me being due at the time in  4.5 weeks we decided it would be smart if I came up to Canada early in case baby decided to come early. Matt doesn't graduate until April 11, which meant we would be apart for 3 weeks. 3 very long weeks. I bawled when he dropped me off in Helena MT where we met my dad as a halfway point. The moment he left I started planning a weekend trip to Helena for the both of us. But he one uped my idea when he decided to just come all the way to Canada the next weekend. He missed his girls to much I guess! 
It was so fun to have him here this weekend, but just made me sad all over again when I had to say goodbye to him once more. Good news is it's only 2 weeks away instead of 3 now. Matt brought a friend up so we had to give him a good Canadian experience so we went curling, which was actually really fun. It was a little uncomfortable to do pregnant and after throwing the "rock" I'd usually just sprawl out on the ice cause it was hard to stay balanced or get up fast enough before I fell over. But it is definitely something I would do again. It's actually a lot harder then it looks! After that we went and got a Canadian delicacy- poutine, which for anyone who has never heard of it, it is fries with cheese curds and a special gravy on top. Sounds disgusting and 100% unhealthy, but it really is yummy. Matt was a skeptic all last summer and was actually mad at us for never making him try it before because it was delicious! Other then that we just played games with the family which is always fun. 

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Taylor Family said...

I've always wanted to try curling!