Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day

YoI am a mother and as such I can write a Mother's Day post (never mind it is a few days late though.)

I love being a mom. The average kid when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up would answer something like, astronaut, basketball player, fireman...etc. My answer was a mom. I can't remember ever wanting to be anything else. I might have said something else, but I knew that a mom was the only job for me. I can remember begging my mom to have another baby and I tried to convince her that all she had to do was have it, but I would get up with it in the night and feed it and change its diapers. She didn't buy it, but I don't blame her. A 5 year old can not keep a promise like that.

My first Mother's Day was nice. Matt made me breakfast and cleaned all the dishes. He also got me a frame and put pictures of him and Sienna in it. I love it. Sienna's gift was being home in time for Mother's Day. And she also slept 5 hours straight that night. Yup I am pretty blessed.

Well I have been a mom for a month but the real mom duties didn't start until a week ago. So I haven't learned much, but I will share the few things I have learned.

*Always have an over stocked diaper bag. Because your baby might poop four times in an hour, or pee on the new diaper you were getting ready to put on her.

*Dont feed or change your baby on your bed. If you do, be prepared to wash your sheets EVERY DAY. We are still trying to apply this rule

*You really can't have enough blankets.

*Holding a baby while preparing and eating a meal is considered a workout. 

*Somehow the baby always knows the moment you got comfortable in bed because without fail they will start to cry. 

*Sleeping babies are the sweetest thing

*She can have all the gas in the world as long as she smiles while she passes it.

*Snuggles in bed with daddy cannot be beat.

*You will love your husband more as you seem him interact with the baby. 

*My clothes will never stay clean for a full day again

*Goodbye freedom. 

*Hello love you couldn't before imagine feeling. 

*I loved sleep before, but now it's even more precious

*I am amazed at the end of the day if I didn't take a nap. 

*You get special parking spots at Walmart. 

I am sure there is more. I know if I were to do this every year the list would grow, just like Sienna and there would be more negatives but here would also be more positives and those would far outweigh the negatives. I love my baby girl so much and feel honoured to be her mom! 

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Kristen Ruiz said...

She is so absolutely precious and teeny. As much as I love a big, fat baby, I can't get enough of teeny little newborns. They don't stay that way long enough. You're making me so excited to get started being a mom!