Saturday, July 19, 2014

All about my favorite girl

Sienna hit 3 months a few days ago. 3 MONTHS!! She is growing so fast. It made me realize that I want to document moments in her life. Things she likes to do as a 3 month old and such. 

{loves to listen to music} She especially enjoys the children's song book. If she is ever being fussy for no real reason I turn those on and she is as good as gold. 
{loves to be read to} Whether it's the scriptures or a picture book, Sienna is all eyes and ears when you start reading.
{hates having her back scratched} she doesn't mind if you rub or pat her back! but when you start scratching she starts squirming. 
{loves to make squeaky noises} She doesn't cry in the middle of the night to let me know she is hungry . She just makes squeaky noises, like squeaky grunts. She also squeaks when she stretches and when you bring her feet up to her head.
{loves to have her hands up by her head when she eats} If you put your finger by her hand she'll usually grab it and hold it by her head while she eats
{disinterested in toys} the only thing that we could even say remotely held her attention is a toy rattle, which she will hold in her hand and move up and down but I don't think she really knows what she is doing with it.
{loves having her hands in a fist} it's almost impossible to spread her hands out straight! Even when she is sleeping. She is always so tense. 
{loves to suck on her fist and fingers} it's so cute to watch cause she will lift up her hands, stare at them, and as she brings them to her mouth she goes cross eyed and stays that way for a couple of seconds.
{Loves to kick kick kick} We feed Sienna on our laps cause that's what they showed us in the hospital and we just haven't changed so we get lots of kicks to the chest and stomach. And they actually hurt
{has the worst gas ever} You wouldn't think something so foul could come out of such a petite cute baby. Matt has diagnosed her with A.S.F- adult sounding farts. You could also change it to adult smelling farts cause those things are stinky
{loves to be swaddled} in order for her to take a good long nap she must be swaddled. If not her rouge hands will smack her in the face at some point and wake her up. 
{has the best pout} She will have us wrapped around her finger if she keeps that pout up. I have never seen a baby be able to stick out their lower lip so much. Still need to catch on camera.
{has mixed feelings about tummy time} She likes it for about 10 mins. In that time she does some super man poses and almost flips herself over. Then she cries hysterically. 

Now for some pictures that may exhibit these characteristics about her. And others just to show off her cuteness. 
                           The straight jacket swaddled 

                                     Semi pout
                               Loving the rattle
                                  Eats and sleeps like a queen
                                   Diva by day
                                               Thug by night
                                               Canada day
                                  Independence Day

Love this picture for a few reason. Shows her pulling her hands to her face and going cross eyed. Plus shows her size. This is my best friend jennicas baby. They are about 7 weeks a part, yet if I didn't know better I would think Owen was older. 
          Nothing better then sleeping with my sweet girl.

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Chris & Tiffany said...

Jane has the worst gas too! I joke that because I'm her mother I don't run from the room plugging my nose. But ONLY BECAUSE I'M HER MOTHER! it's so bad.