Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some summer fun

Summer has been pretty good to us so far. A little different with a baby since we are used to being able to go on any hike we want, go on evening walks, play cards all night, etc. We can still do those things with Sienna, it's just a little bit more of a process, but we love having her a long!

We went to Waterton with my sister and her kids while they were here. We walked around red rock canyon and then had a little picnic

We took Sienna on her first hike in Waterton on Saturday the 26th. I think she actually quite enjoyed it. When she was awake she stared at the trees with her eyes and mouth wide opened. But I think unless we hike something that is only an hour or so hike we won't be bringing her along. She just got too heavy. Sure we had a baby carrier, but after 10 mins, my back is killing me, so I opted to carry her in my arms. So next time she is staying with the grandparents, which will probably be more fun for her anyway. 
Matt's first time in B.C. The hike starts in Alberta, but after about 15 mins you hit this sign. Pretty neat
Us at wall lake. Sienna hasn't quite learned to look at a camera yet when she isn't laying down.

She is already using body language to tell me to get out of her face. But look at how long she is getting! 

I forced her to wear a hat even though it was ten times to big. I was worried about her getting a tick plus a sunburn. This is how she looked the majority of the time she had it on. 

It was my sister and her kids first time meeting Sienna. So to say they loved her is an understatement. The moment I pulled up to the house it was cheers of "baby Sienna baby Sienna. Where is baby Sienna? I want to hold baby Sienna" my poor sister hardly got to spend anytime with her cause the moment she was in her arms her kids all wanted a turn holding her. It was very tender to see how much they loved her and she was such a good baby for them and let hem hold her quite often without complaint. 

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