Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sienna's late 4 month update.

Time is flying by with this cutie girl! She is getting so big, at least in my eyes, and I love seeing her change developmentally and getting more aware and excited about the things around her.

Sienna is still on the small side for her age weighing in at about 11.2 pounds. But she is eating lots more these days so that is good. She used to only eat 60-75 mls fortified and is now doing about 100 mls fortified. The average baby eats 150 mls, unfortified, just to give you an idea. So we are really happy that she is working her way up and hopefully it will help her pack on the pounds. 

Sienna is such a happy baby. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. She always has a big smile to give you, even if it's immediately followed by tears. She loves anything to do with the mouth it seems. She is always making farting noises, blowing spit bubbles,  sucking on her lips, hands, or blanket. She loves to try and mimic what you do with your mouth. That's about the only time she laughs is when you copy her or do something with your mouth that she then tries to do. For some reason it's the only thing that is funny to her.

She is able to role from stomach to back but hasn't mastered from back to stomach. But that doesn't surprise me. She likes to be on her back, where as she can only handle her stomach for so long. She rolled for the first time on August 25th. We had the iPad camera up and when she rolled over we of course started cheering, and this is Sienna's reaction to such a great accomplishment. 
Poor thing just can't handle the spot light. 

Sienna loves playing with toys now. You put a rattle in her hand and she round houses that thing and hits herself in the face a number of times while doing it, but that doesn't stop her. 

She likes feeling different textures. This was discovered when her cousin left a cardboard box by her. She laid and scratched the box for a good 15 minutes. Now she loves scratching the couch as the fabric has a different texture and makes a noise when she scratches it. 

She recognizes her bottle and pulls our hands to her face when we are holding it and has started holding it her self. She also watches us eat so I think this little miss is getting ready to try solids. 

Sienna has at least I think enjoyed going to the pool. We don't get much of a reaction from her signifying she likes it or hates it, so I take that as a sign she doesn't mind it. Matt dunked her under the water and she didn't even care. She came up, blinked a few times and just went on being expressionless. 
Yup that face about sums up her feelings of the pool. 

Well that is it for 4 months! 

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jaron said...

she looks so cut and she looks better