Sunday, August 3, 2014

Growing up

So this happened the other day...

We got her little ears pierced! Matt and I have been debating about this for about a month now. I was pro earrings he was not. I never actually thought my husband would care about it but turns out almost all guys have an opinion and they all think you should wait until at least 8 when they can make their own decision instead of having it made for them. Which I totally get their view point, but I figure she can just decide when she is 8 that she doesn't want them. An earring hole is really not that noticeable. Sienna did a great job and only cried for about 30 seconds until she got a bottle in her mouth. Then all was well.

Sienna also learned some sort of new trick. She only did it that night, then it's like she forgot how to do it, but she keeps trying to do it again, especially if we start mimicking it. Unfortunately on my iPad which I use to write my blog posts I can't post movies but here is a picture for now. 
Maybe you can't tell that well but she sucks in one side of her top lip and she just sucks on it, like a pacifier. 

Sienna is also getting close to rolling over. She can get herself on her side and sometimes even flips her feet over but what is stopping her is the hands she likes to keep in her mouth. They kind of act as a barricade. She is also starting to use her voice a lot more. It is so cute to hear her talking away to herself or us. She has only laughed a couple of times. Matt was making a face at her and she was doing a little wheez laugh everytime. It was so cute to watch. Then the other day I just looked at her and said hi and apparently I was pretty funny cause she gave out an actual laugh, more then the wheez she was doing the day before. Oh it was the cutest thing and I wish she would do it more often. 

Sienna is still a scrawny little baby. She is 4 months on August 15 and she is only 10 pounds. She is 24ish inches though so the dr's just think she will always be a long and lean baby. So we have mostly graduated from newborns and are working into 0-3 months. It's been nice cause I have gotten good use out of some of the clothes I bought, but sad too, because I bought 3 months summer clothes that she will never be able to wear. Oh well, there will always be another baby! 

She is still not very interested in toys. I put them in her hand and she will hold onto them and move her arm up and down but she doesn't actively reach for one or even really smile while she has it. I think it's mostly that she just likes to keep her hands clenched so if a toy is put in her hands she holds on to it. 


Taylor Family said...

As beautiful as ever. I miss her snuggles. I want to see her suck her lip. I bet it's so cute!

amyswor said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Loved seeing your daughters precious earrings. Think you were a smart mommy for getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them.

Like you, I always dreamed of having a little girl with cute little pierced earrings. The best time to do it is under four months according to our pediatrician who encouraged me to do it and gave me some tips for mom having their babies and little girls ears pierced.

There is nothing sweeter than a baby with little pierced earrings. It makes them look so feminine and ingénue. Our daughter is two now and is girlie-girl. She loves changing her earrings to match her dresses.

Any moms looking for more research on "to pierce or not to pierce," drop me an e-mail for our ped's suggestions.