Monday, September 22, 2014

Family fun run

On Saturday Matt, Sienna, and I participated in the Glenwood family fun run. You could do a 3k, 5k or 10k. Matt and I were feeling ambitious so we went with the 10k. Alright that's an absolute lie. Neither of us have ran over 3 miles since we have been married. It was so much fun to do the race together. Matt took on the task of pushing Sienna, which he passed on to me for about a total of two minutes, which was 2 minutes too long. The jogging stroller definitely makes it easier to push but it's not that easy to push on gravel roads and when you can't move your arms it's really tough. I don't know how Matt did it the whole time. We both finished within seconds of each other since Matt was a good husband and wanted us to finish as a family. We both got 2nd place in the age division 20-39. Before you think that's really good, Glenwood is a small village located in the middle of no where and any other surrounding towns are small in numbers as well. So there was maybe 4-5 people total in our age category. But we wore our medals proudly. Sienna enjoyed her first race two, passing out half way thru from all the hard work. 
After the race we treated ourselves to calzones from pizza of Waterton and big scoop. It was such a beautiful fall day where all the leaves were changing color and the air just seemed crisp and fresh. I couldn't ask for a better end of summer weekend as we are now official into fall!

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