Monday, September 15, 2014

Sienna at 5 months

How come time goes by so fast when you actually have the baby, but when you were pregnant it went by so s-l-o-w-l-y?

Sienna is now 5 months old. Everyday I fall a little more in love with this sweet baby. I feel like she is learning so much everyday. I love watching her mind work and figure things out. Here are a list of accomplishments this month

-holding a bottle much better. But if given full control she seems to think its possible to drink from a bottle and suck her hands at the same time. 

-she is rolling from back to tummy. She started this on Saturday the 6th and would only do it a few times and it often was a long process. Then comes Monday and she is rolling over like she has been doing it her whole life. Within a few hours she has even figured out that to make it easier. she needs to have both arms up, so one doesn't get stuck underneath her. Now she just needs to work in rolling back to her back. Which she has done before, she just doesn't want to anymore.

-she is starting to figure out sucking her thumb. She doesn't do it all the time, but everyonce in awhile she gets it in right and sucks for awhile. It's too cute to see. 

-She loves looking at herself. (Such a vain baby) in her swing there is a reflective circle at the top and she arches her back so she can see herself and just smiles away. She loves face timing with people because then she can see herself. 
-She loves to hold your fingers while she is eating. Often she will take my whole arm and hold it while I rub her head. Oh I just melt.
-Despite my best efforts to keep her nails short, she still manages to claw up her face. It mostly happens after a nap and she stretches her hands up to her eyes. I have taken to calling her scar face.

-She is becoming such a good sleeper. She sleeps on average 5-6 hours and will go to bed around 7. Maybe wake up and play for an hour around 830 but then it's back to bed and out for the night (minus one feed) until about 830-900. Sometimes I feel like I have the best baby and I get scared for baby number two which will probably rock my world. 

-she is so smiley and will smile at anyone with a face. 

-we started feeding her some solids and she has loved it so far! We have tried winter squash and peas. Complimens of my dad's garden, so they are the best. 

Now for a collage of photos

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