Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Third and final stretch

This pregnancy has flown by! Baby boy will be here any time now. Which I am excited and nervous for. I kind of don't mind him staying in for longer cause I am so going to miss my time with Sienna and I know she will miss it too! (It will be a mad house for awhile. Tears, screams, laughter) But I am so excited to finally have him here and hold him in my arms. Nothing is more sweet then holding a precious new babe in your arms.

The third trimester was great to me. Major pregnancy symptoms were
- being hot. Especially at church. Few times I thought I might pass out. 
- insomnia. I hate getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That choice might mean I am awake for the next hour
- going to the bathroom like crazy. Sometimes literally 5 minutes later.
- Few Braxton hicks contractions. With Sienna I got them from like week 22. But with this little guy I didn't start getting them till like week 36.
-pelvic floor pain. Yikes. Again with Sienna I got it earlier, but this time around has been way more painful! 

I have been kicking it into drive and getting things prepped for baby's arrival. I have been doing more research on birth plans and hospital bags. With Sienna I did neither! I survived last time without either and won't be too specific on my birth plan but it's nice to have an idea of what I would like to try and have happen. Fingers crossed I won't have to do a c-section again. Some friends just threw me a fantastic baby shower and another friend gave me all her old boy clothes to use so baby boy is set in that department.

Currently I am over due! And while I don't like the "fact" I am over due, it also doesn't really bother me. He is easier to take care of inside instead of out. I can get a full nights rest still, and I have more time with just Sienna. But hopefully things will begin to progress soon. I have been getting a lot more false labor pains, but nothing very consistent or that last for longer then probably 30 seconds. I have been walking on the treadmill every day but that hasn't really been helping too much I dont think other then giving me some exercise. Oh well. He will come when he wants. The good news is, he didn't come on Matt's birthday. (Nov 17th) We really wanted him to have his own day and not share with his dad. Now in order to not share with his twin cousins he either has to come today (18th), or not until Saturday. Too many November birthdays to work around!

This is really 40 weeks and 4 days. I had taken a different one, but the shirt/angle really didn't show off the belly I had. I still don't have much to show off, but it's better then the one before! 

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