Tuesday, November 3, 2015

18 months

Figured I would do a little update on Sienna, before baby boy comes and takes up all my time and pictures of him start filling my phone, since he will actually just lay there instead of trying to steal my phone/ipad or running around.

Sienna Sienna Sienna. Everyday I love her more. She is so sweet, so funny, and so terrible all at the same time.

At 18 months sienna loves to...
- feed her stuffed animals and little baby doll. She even makes a little smacking noise as she feeds them
- disobey. She thinks if she smiles sweet enough its okay to do it. And she has been right on lots of occasions cause I have a hard time staying stern when she does that.
- draw, mostly with pens, which have become the bane of my existence. She will not listen to me when I tell her to only draw on paper. And she knows it is bad because she will go around the house saying uh-oh and pointing out all the places she has drawn on. But on the plus side, she is quite proficient at holding a pen, as in she holds it correctly 95% of the time.
- get every soft blanket, stuffie in the house and cuddle with them as she drinks her bottle
- read books about halloween
-crack hard boiled eggs
- eat hot things, like salsa and tapatio.
- play in the sand box at stay in play. She plays there for about 90% of the time.
- be sung to, but only certain songs. I start a song and she quickly lets me know that isn't the one she wants, so I continue to sing the beginning of every song I know until I figure out the one she wants. then I have to sing it over and over and over.
- eat vitamin C. Every time we go to my parents house she immediatly runs to their bedroom where my dad has his stash by the bed.

Other noteworthy facts about sienna.
- starting to speak more! She says, hi, hey, meow, treat, cheese, light, ball, bottle, pumpkin (bumbun), cee (for vitamin C), her name-SiSi, grandma, mum, dad, uh-oh, up, apple, hop, pup pup, bowl, hat and I am embarressed to say...ipad. #parentfail? But maybe I redeem myself with the fact that when we drive past the temple she will point and say temple. 
- she can sign more, milk, and please. But really she only uses more and thinks that it will get her whatever she wants.
- When asked where is Sienna? She runs into matt's office where Grandma Termeer drew a picture of her on the white board and points to it.
- Has been such a stinker when it comes to eating. She either has to be on my lap or watching the ipad. It's so annoying and I am having a hard time breaking the habit, because I just want to eat my meal in peace!
- If matt has something she wants, she has learned that giving him a kiss usually gets her the item.

I hope they call me on a mission! For a few days she was obsessed with the Book of Mormon

She went thru a phase where she walked around with things on her head, all day. Blankets, pajamas, and a car seat head holder thing.

Just eating some chips and salsa with dad.

Loves pumpkins!

Siennas first masterpiece. You can see that she accidently drew a stick person on her leg

Cheese face

Picture of her that she loves!

A little cuddle time with daddy. So tender

How she spends a lot of her day.

Happy Halloween! Sienna loved trick or treating and kept trying to go into peoples houses to get more candy!

She also loves that bug costume and wants us to put it on still.

She is also obsessed with this polar bear hat. She carries it around the house all the time.

We love this baby girl so much! We can't wait to see what she is like with little baby brother and how much she will grow and mature as she takes on the roll of BIG sister.


Sara Dunn said...

The twins are using the sign more for whatever they want as well. It's kind of funny. But Blake doesn't sign so he never gets it.

Jennica Van Blerkom said...

Soooo many words! An explosion! I can't wait for her and Owen to play at Christmas! And holding a pen correctly! I'm sooo impressed. I seriously can't even believe you will have mother baby BOY in like a month or less. Holy smokes! Holy smokes! We should FaceTime tomorrow or Friday? Before naps after naps? During naps! Let me know!