Friday, April 15, 2016

Sienna the not so terrible two year old...yet

My baby girl is two. I guess she is officially not a baby anymore and has moved up to toddler status. Woot woot. Wow, words can not describe how much I love this crazy, sweet, temperamental, girl.

At 2 Sienna likes to
- play with my make up
- Watch Peppa pig
- Peel things, like oranges, hard boiled eggs, and the tops of yogurt.
- Get her hair curled
- Eat gum (my mistake for ever letting her have a little piece)
- Sleep with music playing
- Hang out with Nana and grampy
- Pull out the elastics in her hair, making for a grumpy mama.
- Play with her friends Ivy, Bria, Caleb, and Emmett
- Paint her toenails
- Go high in the swing
- Jump in the jolly jumper
- Call animals by their sound/action. Cat=Meow Bird= Tweet tweet Bunny=Hop Owl=Who. She calls dogs pup pups and part of me wonders if thats her saying ruff ruff or something?
- Be outside as much as she can
- Loves to look at bugs
- Jumping in puddles

Her Favorites
Food: hot dogs, mac and cheese, eggs, fajitas, oranges, yogurt, fruit snack, and any treats
Animals: Dogs, Kittens, birds, and bunnies
TV Show: Peppa pig, theme song to fuller house, and Mother goose club
Movie: Frozen
Color: Blue, I say that because it's the only color she knows how to say.
With mama: Paint nails
With dad: anything when mom is not around. 
Word: NO! and EWWWW
Stuffed Animal: Her stuffed tiger that is bigger then her.
Treat: Chocolate
and star burst
Song: Do you wanna build a snowman. Let it go

- Having her hair done
- When mom doesn't let her do things by her self, like pour milk, put on lipstick, use hand sanitizer
- When she can't see nana right then
- Going to the doctor
- Have the snot sucked from her nose
- When she can't use the ipad
- When we sing "As I have loved you"
- when I am holding David, because then I can't do as much with her.

Puzzles with grampy

 Poor girl was sick for a week. She fell asleep with yogurt, vitamin c, and fruit leather. And tiger was her best friend
Just listening to some tunes while painting.

 Loves being with brother where ever he is
I love/hate this phase. Wanting to be in certain clothes all day, every day

 David doesn't have any toys for himself. Sisi has part owner ship. She has so much fun in the jolly jumper. I wish I had brought it out earlier.
Oh how I love when she lets me curl her hair. She looks adorable. After I had curled her hair I asked if she wanted to look in the mirror, which she did and she smiled so big. Right after that she started drawing around her lips with her finger saying "face" which means she wants lipstick. She already nows when you get your hair done nice you gotta finish the look with make up.

Loves playing in the snow and kept stealing frosty's nose!

Playing with moms make up.

Easter bunnies

 Cuddle time with Nana, very likely watching frozen.
Getting a pedicure with mama.

When did she get so big that she can climb up ladders all by herself?!

How we find her most nights.
We love snap chat. 

Park days are the best day.

She asks to go to the pool everyday. We need it to be summer!

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