Friday, April 22, 2016

5 months

Sweet David we love you. You are such a happy baby. I love when you wake up from a nap and I hear your little cries and I come into the room and the moment you see me, you smile. It melts my heart. You are quite a content happy boy and have really began noticing everything around you. If anything is within your reach you are grabbing for it to put in your mouth. You have done so much growing this month!

You are 15 pounds. Still wear some 3 month clothes but also wear some 6 month clothes.
You roll from back to tummy. All day long. 
You tried your first solid foods. You have had carrots, yams and rice cereal. You don't like them at first but after a few spoonfuls you do. 
Sleeping much better! We have done some sleep training and you are a totally new baby. You now nap for at least an hour and a half two times a day and you generally only get up once during the night. This is huge! You used to get up every 2-3 hours and it drove me wild. 
You now take mostly bottles. Which is likely why you are sleeping better. I just don't think you got enough from nursing cause you seemed to eat all day long. So sadly, nursing is becoming a thing of the past much sooner then I expected or wanted but we are all getting more sleep so it's a good thing!
Love the exersaucer. Which makes me love that big contraption that takes up so much space because you can sit and play for a long time in there. 
Talk talk talk. Literally from the time you get up you are talking and it goes on all day. 
Love to look at yourself in the mirror. It's almost when you smile the biggest. You just love yourself which is great. 
You giggle the most when I tickle you around your collarbone or try to eat your tummy and cheeks.
We worked really hard to get you to take a pacifier thinking it would solve your sleep problems, just to undo it and not ever give you a pacifier so you learned to fall asleep on your own. You handled it like a champ, probably because you didn't like the pacifier in the first place.
You LOVE being outside. You are content to lay on a blanket in the shade and stare at the sky.

His eyes get me. So big and blue.

David was wearing a hat so of course Sienna needed one, which called for a sibling picture!

I can't handle the cuteness of this boy.

 Sienna loves him so much. 
 We taped balloons to our ceiling fan. David loved watching them go around and especially loved them hitting his face.
He is a little fish. When he is grumpy for no apparent reason he gets a bath and its instant happiness.

We love you big boy!


Bry Peterson said...

Aw he's getting so big! Such a fun and happy fam. :)

Bethany Olsen said...

He seems like such a content and happy little boy. The balloons on the fan is such a good idea! I love your kids!