Saturday, May 21, 2016

Half year birthday

Mmhmm baby boy I love you. Everyone loves you. You love to smile at people so it's hard for them to not melt at the sight of you. You are getting to be so fun. I mean you were fun as a newborn, in the I love to cuddle you all day way, but now we see your little personality shining thru and it's adorable.

At 6 months
-You love solid foods. Except peas. 
-You especially love frozen fruit in those mesh pouches. 
-You can sit up! Which is something I didn't think would happen because you have always hated sitting. 
-Officially on just a bottle. 😢😬😀
-Sleep like a champ. You get up once around 5 and then go back to sleep till 7-8
-You officially became an American citizen. 
-You love it when Sienna gives you the time of day. I love it too. 
-Starting to like walks more. Hurray! 
-Can flip out of the bumbo. Sad sad day. Good thing it was discovered when you were on the floor. 
-You are so gassy. And your tutes are so loud and stinky. 
-Have found your loud voice. As in, you scream lots. Sometimes I think just for the heck of it.
-Church is the worst for naps. Currently we go to the mothers lounge on the stage where there are recliner chairs. I pull off the seat cushions and make you a bed, turn out the light, and read conference talks or read the lessons I am missing. You can't nap just anywhere. You need a bed and darkness.
-Sensitive soul. You scream when we lift/throw sienna into the air because you don't think she likes it. (we guess) Because you don't mind when we lift you up above us.
-You are so fascinated by everything. I hand you whatever is hanging around and you will hold it in your hands studying it for a long time.

Pretty much you are the sweetest baby. Here are the pics to prove it.

Love Sienna's hands sneaking in and stealing the bear!

These glasses make for a good time.

Feeding the horses.

 Fun with snap chat

Poor baby. That face says it all. He hates peas.

Found out he loves toes
Honestly, he is worse then a puppy.

 Thought i was going to have a thumb sucker. But this was just a one time stint.
Love these two goons

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