Sunday, June 26, 2016

7 months


How time flies when you are having fun. We have definitely had more fun since David came into our lives. He is such a sweet little baby. Always has a smile for people and loves attention. Scenario: I am making dinner and he is in his exersaucer. He will start to whine, so I look at him and smile and talk a bit and he giggles and is happy. I look away, tears. Look back, smile. I don't even have to do much at this point, just be looking at him and he is happy.
 The other day we picked up grandma from the airport. An hour and a half into our trip I hear a little baby laugh. I look back and Sienna is pointing at him and he is dying laughing. Then he would start shaking his head, so she would, which put him in more fits of laughter. It was so tender, especially because Sienna really doesn't play with him. So to see this brought tears to my eyes. He never laughs that easily at the things I do! I hope their relationship continues to grow.

At 7 months...not much has seemed to change
  • You sit up really well, and sometimes try to launch yourself forward to get something, which ends with you landing face first into the carpet...
  • Want to move so bad. You swivel around in a circle really well. You either extend your arms all the way or lift your butt up into the air, you just can't seem to do them both at once.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit pouches and smoothies. I love them cause you eat vegetables and you have gotten really good at feeding yourself them.
  • You love your mesh pouch that I put fruit in and you can suck on the fruit without choking. I hate cleaning it.
  • You like going for walks in the wagon.
  • Love Sienna's stuffed tiger. Sadly it's a prized possession of hers and unless she is otherwise occupied you can't have it. 
  • Not a fan of chunky food. You just shift it around with your tongue practically gagging the whole time. Even puffs, that practically melt in your mouth you take issue with.
  • You can clap your hands! Such coordination you have already.
  • You are such an easy going baby. You smile so easily and have the cutest laugh (Shriek) 

Playing at the park
Wagon rides
 This happens more times then I want...
 sleeping babies are the best ever!
 Not the biggest fan of swimming yet. It's too cold. So we hot tub it up

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