Monday, July 25, 2016

8 months

This month was big for our baby boy.
-got his two bottom teeth. He did a great job. Just a little fussy. 
- started to crawl! He mostly does one knee on the floor and the other on his foot but he gets around. I love but dislike him being so mobile!
- sometimes he is an extra awesome boy and sleeps in till 8.
- he loves food. The first night he tried lasgana he ate one whole piece himself blended up. He loves spaghetti and grandmas chicken and rice soup too. 
- he does really well with finger foods. He can pick up puffs really well with his thumb and index, but slippery foods like avocados and raspberries are better for mom to give to him. 
- went on his first hike and did really well! Just was so tired and hungry by the end. 
-loves to play with his big sister. She will get onto her bed and say "brother, come get me!" Then you just hear the thumping of David racing down the hall to come and find her. It's so cute. 
- Sienna has never called him David. She will always call him brother! 
- He is also doing a great job at being the annoying younger brother all ready. Sienna hates for him to touch her stuff or her. I know he doesn't do it on purpose (at least I think) but the smile on his face as he reaches out to touch her stuff and she is freaking out is priceless.
-His hair is getting blonder. I think a little strawberry blonde as when the sun hits it, it has an orange tinge to it. It is also getting some curl!

Sienna was sleeping so he got his favorite stuffy.

Cheering me and matt on at summer games. We had the best cheer leaders!

Way to cute in grandmas hat!

Eating watermelon

Nothing beats beazer peas. 

Playing on the trampoline

Such a happy smiley boy! If you look real close you can see his little teeth!

First time out at Beazer creek. He hates cold water.

Hiking bears hump!

Squishy little face

Hello. I am 8 months old. 

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