Thursday, March 12, 2009


For FHE this week we went "disco skating" and although our FHE brother deny it now i distinctly remember them telling us to dress up...and we did, and only us girls did. But I know that we had more fun then they did just because we dressed up and they looked at us in envy the whole night. And let me just say the roller skating is a lot harder then it looks. Luckily I never feel but I can't say the same for a lot of people there.


Taylor Family said...

Skating really is harder than it looks. I remember hardly being able to move!

nana said...

I bet you didn't know that I spent every saturday at the skating rink for years. When I first put on ice skates I knew it was hopeless, where were all the wheels. Then roller blading was just as bad. I love roller skating. I didn't even know they still had roller rinks.

chan said...

well it's not really a roller rink. They just use a gym. Maybe an actually rink would be easier....okay i just said that to make my self feel better about how much i sucked at it.