Saturday, March 28, 2009


So the winter semester in apartment 213 has been filled with broken things. First our DVD/VCR player stopped working, then the bathroom toilet broke, as in it over flowed when we flushed it (which was kind of hilarious since it was usually followed by girls screaming) and it took them about 2 weeks to fix it. 6 girls to one bathroom wasn't always fun. Then next came a pipe. In front of my room mate rachaels door it was always wet and we couldn't figure out why, until they ripped open the wall and found a leaky pipe. For about 4 days we couldn't use our dishwasher at all, and for about 2 days we couldn't use our sink and had to wash our dishes in the bathroom, or some people just chose to not wash it all which was annoying cause our house was a mess and we had no dishes. Then this is more related to myself but I accidently put my cell phone in the washing machine. Such a downer. I love that phone. But good news is I got a the exact same phone of ebay for $30. So all is well. Then Nikki got a little angry and broke a drawer which is currently being fixed. And last but not least one of the bathroom drains got REALLY clogged with hair and wouldn't drain, so we were back to sharing one bathroom. Until randi being the good person she is took a hanger and fished out all that nasty hair. And boy was it nasty. It smelt so rancid. With only 2 weeks left in the semester it'll be interesting to see what else we can destroy.


nana said...

YUCK! That looks like a rat. It's at least twice the hair that we pulled out of our drain last year. With 6 girls using the sink I would think that you would have to clean the drain every semester.

Chanel said...

i dont think it had EVER been cleaned. It was so disgusting. randi almost barfed a few times. We used like a whole can of air freshener just keep the smell at bay.