Wednesday, March 11, 2009


These are not recent pictures. They are from my days spent in Virginia with my sister, Adria, and her family. I was there from August - December.These were some of the greatest and funniest memories of my life. While there I worked in a coffee shop called greenberry's- i miss it so much! The people I served there were so sweet and nice. I also worked at Panera Bakery which was really fun because I got to bring home Bread, pastries, and bagels. besides whatching Adria and Mark's kids that was how I earned my keep. Other then that I mostly just hung out with Adria and the kids, going on little outings.
Here we are at halloween
This was a photo shoot by Christine Vance. Here Kami is kind of sharing her lollie with me.
These are my greenberry's friends... Well 2 of them. There are many others.

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nana said...

Love, Love,Love this picture. You and Kami have shared alot of food together. Mom