Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The long weekend.

For the long weekend Me and Nikki went to her home in kayesville Utah. She has a beautiful house with lots to do. We attempted to sleep on the tramp 3 times but 2 of the 3 times it rained as soon as we got all set up and then the other time i stayed out the whole night but nikki got a mosquito bit on the eye and ditched out. We did yoga and ab workouts to P90X. It was amazing! We sat out at the pool everyday, went on bike rides, walks, had a tin foil dinner of SALMON. SO Good. and lots of fruit. We watched a few movies. We attempted a scary movie but didn't realize we got one that was made in 1971 and it was kind of retarded and not scary at all. But it was really fun being with her family and just having a weekend to semi relax, besides that my teachers are lame and scheduled 3 tests for me as soon as I got back...

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