Thursday, March 18, 2010

poor car

Today I'm driving down the road, when my CD cuts out, I think to myself that it's just scratched. Then a couple of seconds later as I'm slowing down to stop at a light it stops playing completely, now I'm thinking Gee it must really be scratched. So I go to eject it, and it won't eject, then i realize that my CD player is just turned off, then I take a look around me and realize that my car isn't moving at all. So my thought is how on earth did I stall my car. I tried restarting it and nothing, by now there is quite a line of cars behind me. I'm getting a little stressed and pull out my phone and realize I have no emergency numbers in my phone. I am not equipped for situations like this! After a couple of minutes FINALLY and nice young couple stop and help push me into a gas station. There we diagnose that my car has either
A) blown a fuse (best case scenerio)
B) The alternator is dead or
C) the battery is dead.
The last 2 I'm really hoping are not the case. The reason why it possibly could've blown a fuse is because everything just shut down. My lights don't work, my speedometer is frozen in place at 30 MPH cause that's how fast I was going when I died, and my automatic locks don't work.
Finally a tow truck comes and gets me to an automotive shop. Where I have yet to hear about the diagnosis of my poor baby.


Taylor Family said...

Oh no! I hate that feeling. Remember how I felt about that yellow light, and that was just a little possible ticket! I hope it's only a fuse!

Debbie said...

Oh my sweet Chan. I am so sorry that happened! I always stress in situations like that! Hope its just a fuse :) And I hope we see you this weekend!