Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My best friends wedding

On saturday My best friend Jennica Dittmann got married. Well i guess in real life she's Jennica Van Blerkom now. CRAZY. Anyway, she got married in Oakland California and can I just say I'm now in love with California? It was so much different then I expected it to be. There was lots of space and trees and it was very green. San francisco was way awesome. So glad I got a chance to go there and see the painted ladies and have a picnic at the park just like they do in full house and see the golden gate bridge. And of course jennica's wedding was beautiful. She was a stunning bride and brian and handsome groom. The pictures will say it all.

Fresh out of the temple.
The boys ohhing and awwing over jennica's completed ring.
Friends of the bride
Such good cardston friends. Sigh highschool.
Greatest wedding cake ever. 3 layers with 3 different cakes. GENIUS
fact or fiction: The first name to rub off the brides shoe will be the next bride. Only time will tell.
The painted ladies. As seen in the full house opening credits
the golden gate bridge with my besties.

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jennica said...

So I just re-read this post. Can I just say you are the very best friend ever for coming all the way to California for me! Gosh I love you Chan! Thank you again! Mwah!