Friday, July 2, 2010

eat it extra

It's one of those nights where I'm exhausted but sleep is evading me. So I decided to blog about my recent conquer.
I'm the proud owner of a "D" pin. I'm not quite sure what the "D" stands for on my pin. I would like to think it's something like, definitely the best worker at extra foods, but I think it just stands for duty...BORING. Anyway, a customer recognized me for the service I provided for her so they gave me this nifty little pin. Apparently there are ABandC pins. I'm on my way to gaining them all I can feel it. This is only the beginning. Take that extra foods and those who manage it who act like I'm lazy and do nothing. I don't see you sporting a "D" pin. :)

1 comment:

Taylor Family said...

Way to go Chan. I can't wait to hear about your receiving the ABC ones as well. Take that Susan!