Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have an insane fetish with nail polish. I think I need to own every color ever made. Its almost the only reason I go to the make up section, to find my new perfect shade of nail polish. You'd think with over 40 colors I'd have enough perfect shades but I always want more. I probably paint my nails 2-3 times a week. If it weren't such a hassle I'd do it every day. I LOVE NAIL POLISH!
Isn't it beautiful? They live in a shoe box cause I ran out of room in a normal make up bag. Everytime I get a new color a small piece of my soul is filled.

Also as a small side note. I really dislike it when people I don't know and are from a different country comment on my blog. It's usually in a different language or in the form of a proverb. Both of which I don't understand. Just saying.


Taylor Family said...

Kami would die to have that collection of nail polish~ I remember my nail polishing days, they are long gone now that I have kids :) Enjoy them while they last!

Tami Harris said...

Oh, my girls would be so envious of your collection if they got to see it. I however, hope that never happens! ;D Fingernail polish is my finds its place on my table, counters, and bedroom carpets.