Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Sunday I had to give a talk in church.
I did it on Elder Ian S. Ardern's talk in this last general conference called, "A Time to Prepare"
I wish I could say that I had really taken my talks topic to heart but I failed.
I finished writing it Sunday Morning (in my defense it was half done!)
A few nights before my talk I had a dream that I got up to the pulpit and then realized I had completely forgotten to print off my talk. The great thing was that in my dream I was so prepared I didn't even need a printed copy.
That was not the case on Sunday were 15 mins before sacrament meeting I still didn't have my talk printed off.
I should've know that dream was a sign!
So Sunday morning I finish my talk and my room mate says if I just put my talk on a flash drive they can print it at church. So I meet with the ward clerk before relief society but silly me had uploaded my rough draft...So I run home and upload the right one.
I meet with the ward clerk again before sunday school, but wouldn't you know it for some reason the computer won't recognize the flash drive now. So the ward clerk gives me his flash drive and I run home again.
This time I decide to cover my bases. I bring my lap top to church with me and upload the file and decide that just in case it doesn't work I'm going to print it off at the student printer in the Ricks building.
Well I forgot my I-card so I couldn't print it off in the Ricks.
After Sunday School I meet yet again with the ward clerk with fingers crossed that it finally prints.
And Hallelujah it does.
My lesson was learned I need to be better prepared when it comes to writing and giving talks and not wait until the last possible moment to write and print it off because then bad things happen and you almost have to wing it.


jaron said...

chanel The Spirit of God talk's to us in some many way's would you say :)

Taylor Family said...

That happened to someone in our ward and i kid you not, they brought their lap top up to the pulpit with them! It was pretty funny.

Dubya. Are. Gee. said...

This stresses me out. haha