Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That's not awkward at all.

So today was a day just like any other.
I had just gotten 2 text messages as I was walking into the bathroom so I paused inside the bathroom to read them before heading to the stalls.
After a good 20-30 seconds of reading I look up and realize that I'm staring at a male professor drying his hands.
Then I look to the right and notice the urinals.
I quickly whipped around red faced, laughing, and just praying that no one I knew would be outside the bathroom doors. Thankfully there wasn't
I just want to know what was going on in that professors head when I walked in because he didn't say ANYTHING. He had to have noticed that I was a female. I was in a bright red coat, a dress, and had long curly hair. There is no way he could mistake me in a quick glance as a male.
He was probably just standing there laughing to himself saying "I wonder how long it'll take that girl to realize she's in the wrong bathroom. I bet this will be the last time she walks into a bathroom looking at her cell phone or I can't wait to tell my next class about this."
After getting out of there and thinking about it I'm so glad I didn't decide to just finish reading the texts in the bathroom stall cause I never would've looked over and noticed the urinals or the professor washing his hands.
I wouldn't have realized I was in the wrong place until I was leaving the stall and the first thing I see are the urinals and quite possibly a man standing there using them!
How embarrassing.
Oh well it brightened my day because it was kind of dreary up to that point.
I hope this story brought a smile to your face as well!


AllyM said...

hahahahahashahhaahhaa. that is classic.

jaron said...

haha wow that was funny well any way you were busy reading that would happened to anyone :)but a injoyed reading it

Anthony Asplund said...

haha you would!

Madison Beazer said...


Taylor Family said...

Been there, done that :) At least you didn't see someone using the urinal!!

Karli said...

hahaha! that brought a smile to MY face! Love you Chan! Hope you are having a fabulous Christmas vacation!