Monday, October 22, 2012

It's been awhile

My sister brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in awhile.
Actually I knew that.
Then I remembered pictures I took at Thor's ice cream and at the Haunted Mill.
I thought about it pretty much everyday, just thought I didn't have anything I wanted to blog about.
 I love the Haunted Mill. It's definitely the best haunted attraction I've ever been to. It's 20 minutes of getting scared and laughing at others getting scared. Like Madison. There were a few times we got bulldozed by her as she tried to run ahead of us to escape a monster only to be pushing back the other way when some other creature jumped out at her. It was a riot. If you want a good laugh take madison with you.

Then we went and got ice cream. I still love G's dairy, but here is the perks about Thor's.
1. It's the same ice cream the sell at G's dairy
2. They have 36 flavors
3. They have $1 scoops. So it satisfies your ice cream craving without making you feel sick after words.
Madison enjoyed it a little too much. She just couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough.

 Okay I had problems myself.
But not near as bad as Carson.

 Chocolate sucking Vampire
And I mostly threw this one in of my dad for Adria, since she doens't have facebook.
In case you can't tell. That's a piled high maverick frozen yogurt. YUM

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Taylor Family said...

Dad did pretty well, but I can still beat him! I was so bummed when one store caught on and made us start paying by the weight. I was even in the Maverick newsletter for my mile high creation!

I would love to go through a haunted maze with Madison!