Saturday, November 10, 2012

HELP! I've fallen off the blogosphere and I can't get back up!

My desire to blog has been zilch.
I'm surprised I'm even taking the time to write a post right now.
I don't even really have anything to write about worth reading. 

Except for that it's almost Christmas and in my opinion it's never to early to start celebrating. And BYUI campus agrees with me! They've got giant wreaths up on buildings and christmas trees inside many of them. I want to decorate my apartment again SO SO bad. I miss last years winter wonderland.
Today I painted snowflakes on my nails and yesterday I wore my snowflake earings.
I can't wait to wear my Santa Clause, Presents, or Bell ones as the season continues.

So I've been working in this after school program. And the kids are HILARIOUS.
I forget how funny they can be.
I'm also taken back to my childhood when I am with them because a lot of them call me miss "Channel" which is one some kids would call me in elementary school. (Bothered me so bad back then, now I think it's adorable)
The other day I was giving a lesson and this little boy stops me and says
"Miss Channel, I thought this was planes trains and automobiles"
I said "Its a class about different kinds of transportation and a hot air balloon is a kind of transportation"
"But I don't like hot air balloons. I just like to play with toys and play video games"
I didn't even know this boy had a remote idea what my name was and was more shocked when he called me miss channel.

One time Kambri (my roommate) and I were getting dressed inside our closet doors. (Like with the doors open so we can't see eachother) any way we both walk out and Kambri looks at me then back at herself and is like "Seriously, we are wearing the exact same thing just in an opposite pattern."
Just another example of how me and Kambri are so much alike.

Last but not least I'm dating a wonderful boy named Matthew Termeer.
Here we are together at the haunted straw maze.
This boy was terrified in there. I got body slammed into hay bales as he'd try to run away from the creatures inside. One time a clown on stilts popped out and Matt jumped like 5 feet away from it and cowered in the corner. Both me and the clown pointed and laughed at him. I guess I know that I'll be the protector in this relationship. At least from the monsters in the closet.
More on this later. I'm about to go to his house for dinner.
Yes he cooks for me! Like I said he is wonderful.

Yes this is a camel in Rexburg and at a haunted straw maze..
 I fulfilled my life long dream of touching a kangaroo. I think I started playing with him a little to rough though.  He started biting me, clawing at my hands, and jumping at my face. I'm taking it as a sign of friendship though.  

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Taylor Family said...

Are you wearing cowboy boots?! Kangaroos can be very violent. You don't want to mess with them, especially if Matt is cowering in a corner and can't protect you...HA! That's hilarious. I still don't know if anyone can compare to Madison in the fear department though.