Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last baby bump post!

Wow. I can't believe this day has come. Sure I still have about a week and a half till my due date, but I don't imagine much will change in the next little while aside from actually having a baby!

Weight gain: 23 pounds
Braxton Hicks: I've had them since about week 22, but the were much more sporadic and not so strong. Now it's a guarantee that I will have them a couple of times a day and they are much more stronger. They make my belly look so funny and lopsided.
Movement: She gets a little out of control at about 11 oclock every night. Matt and I get some good laughs out of watching my belly roll like a wave and see all these little kicks. It makes us so excited to have her here and be able to see her actually move. We can usually always feel her little back by my belly button and we like to annoy her by poking it. She will pay us back I am sure.
Pain: I have mostly pelvic pain, just below my stomach. It's the worse at night after I have been resting. So I try to stay in the same position the whole night.
Cramps: I get leg and toe cramps all the time! It's the worst, especially at night. I can't wait for those to be gone.
Skin: I have gotten skin tags since being pregnant. Did anyone else experience this? I've never heard of it being a symptom, but I swear it's a symptom for me. And I got a random rash on my chin. Don't know if it's pregnancy related but I just woke up in the morning with it. But I'll take that over stretch marks and acne any day.

Some things that never really happened while being pregnant.
Cravings:  I was really hoping I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting ice cream, watermelon, steak or something random that Matt would just HAVE to get me in order for me to be happy and able to sleep again. I think Matt was kind of hoping it would happen because it would be an excuse to get things like ice cream or steak.
Big belly:  I didn't know how else to title this. All I know is I was looking forward to having such a big belly that I could balance my dinner plate on it. I wanted to make Matt paint my toenails and shave my legs because I just could not reach them. I mean I am sure that if I did have a big belly and could do these things I would wish my belly was smaller but I was really looking forward to being pampered and hands free.
Heartburn:  I thought I got it when I was 4.5 months pregnant and it freaked me out that I was getting it so soon that the rest of my pregnancy would be so miserable. But I think I have had it maybe twice. I am more likely to have acid reflux then heartburn but even then it's rare.
Nicknames: Cutie baby, nuggie, nugget, nugster, munchkin, stinky baby, monster, rugrat, baby Si, little baby,

We are pretty much all ready for baby. I've got her clothes all put away and in the next couple of days will be getting her room already. I've had to wait because we weren't sure where we would be living, but we've finally got everything worked out so it's time to get everything set up. I can't wait.

2 stories I wanted to document about being pregnant.

I was working with my mom at the vinyl company she works for, just helping them out during a busy week. It's family run and they had their 4 year old son there. So they introduced me to him and he is kind of looking at me funny and then says "There is something weird about you, I think it has to do with your belly." I was trying pretty hard to not laugh at his comment and just told him it was because there was a baby in there. Later I went home for lunch and when I returned he told me "I think your belly got bigger while you were gone." My mom said she was pretty sure it was because my shirt had lifted up a little bit so you could actually see my belly. It was quite comical.

Next story is when I was about 3.5 months pregnant. Matt and I had gone to the temple to do sealings. We were the first people up and I was doing really good for the first couple of names, but it was just getting hotter in the room. The sealer kept on saying if at any time you feel like you are going to faint let us know because we can stop. But I had never fainted before and thought for sure I could get thru it. But as I am kneeling there black spots started appearing so I just closed my eyes and thought by doing that it would be better and pass. But then the next thing I knew I was standing next to matt, but everything was still black and I was really hot and weak. So they had me sit down and after a little while I could finally see. I leaned over to Matt and told him that I had barely made it. He just laughed and said, "No Chanel, you definitely passed out." I was stunned and thought he was joking. He told me that he was looking at me and saw me close my eyes and then the next thing he knew I had just slumped over on the alter. He looked at the sealer to see what he should do and the sealer just motioned that they were almost done with that sealing and would just continue. From then on, anytime we did sealings I always got a chair.

I was hoping to get a pic the day I got my membranes stripped as it could be the last day I was pregnant, but then things got a little crazy and instead of getting my membranes stripped I had an emergency c-section. So kind of sad my last pic was 2 weeks ago but I don't think much changed. (Birth Story to come)

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Chris & Tiffany said...

I totally got the weird skin tags too. They're pretty small but there's lots of them. I also got a rash but mine was to the side of my nose. Pregnancy is so weird!