Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bet you have missed this face

Something has been severely lacking from my blog as of late. Pictures of Sienna! I know, you are all probably dying to see what this little cutie has been up to. Word update is that Sienna started walking at about 14 months. I love seeing her little body waddle around. She loves to try and walk with about 3 stuffed animals in her hands and is having a great time exploring!

She has been unimpressed with dad's fishing. Which I thought was pretty great, but it takes more to impress her.

Drinking from mustard bottles because who doesn't love doing that? She didn't stand a chance in not liking mustard since both mom and dad love it.

She can have some pretty wild hair. Especailly after a day in pigtails.

While I was in Arizona, Matt kept Sienna so I could just enjoy myself. So naturally they had to take some cute pictures together to prove how much fun they were having without me.

Grandma Termeer came for a visit and Sienna had so much fun with her.Sienna even started wanting Grandma more then she wanted me or Matt! Everyday they would look for "friends" outside the window. They went on many walks together and played outside on a blanket. We also took Grandma to Waterton where we hiked Bears hump and went to Cameron Falls.  We can't wait for her to come back for a visit.

After Grandma left they had to resort to skype talks. Sienna LOVES it when Grandma pretends to be Elmo. Seriously look at that smile.
Grumpy Grandma face

This picture made my feel like I no longer had a little baby. She can hold a cup and drink from a straw all on her own! Clearly she doesn't need my help anymore.

This is the life! Just lounging around on a blanket, catching some rays, drinking some nice cold milk.

Bedtime stories with daddy.

Golfing with Nana and Grampy. She loved throwing the golf balls from the cart.
Hiking in Waterton. We did Blakiston Falls and then played in the FREEZING cold water of Red Rock Canyon

She loves playing in her pool and she loves going down slides. So you put both of them together and you have a very happy baby!

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