Monday, June 22, 2015

Girls trip

Every since graduating from High school we have talked about going on a girls trip. We had small get togethers in Waterton when we were all home from school or get togethers for each others weddings but never an actual trip! So when an opportunity came up to go to Arizona for a few days we jumped on it. Sadly, it wasn't a true girls trip as one was not able to make it that week. That just means we have to do it again!

We had such a blast. Arizona treated us well with hot weather, but not too hot. I think the hottest day was 106, none of this 117 they have gotte the last few days. We stayed in a family members condo where we had access to a few pools. We ate lots of good food, had lots of great girl talk, and got ots of sun. Only complaint is that it was too short! It was such a blast to get together with my best friends and feel as though no time has passed since we were last together. We all still liked the same things and always had something to talk about. Can't wait for the next one!

The sandy beach pool. There is some sand to play in that leads into the pool. Pretty neat!

Miss them!

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