Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2nd trimester

Fist pump to the 2nd trimester. I loved it. No more feeling nauseous and I have energy again!

Cravings- Salty and sweet. For the first few weeks of my 2nd trimester, y mouth literally watered when I thought about eating salt and vinager chips or a pickle. Towards the end it was something sweet and cold. We went thru a lot of watermelon, grapes, apples, smoothies and ice cream.
First Movement- week 17, sitting in church. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to feel much baby movement, because my Dr. always had a hard time finding the heart beat, so he thought the placenta was in the front. But it sure wasn't. I feel this little guy all day long! So much more then with Sienna, which makes me nervous this baby will not sleep as much as she did...
One time I ate some chips and salsa and did that ever get baby moving! I was only about 19 weeks along, but we could feel him moving all over. I think it made him do back flips. Matt hadn't been able to feel him much before that so it was nice that he moved so much then.
Worst parts about being pregnant- back and hip pain and sleeping positions. Sometimes I have a hard time breathing on my side. So then I have to be on my back, but then that can make it hard to breathe. I can't win! But once I am alseep I am good. And maybe because he is nestled so deep into my hips and back I get all the pain before I even start to show.
Best part about being pregnant- Feeling the baby move hands down. I love falling asleep with my hands on my stomach and feeling him move around. I love when Matt gets to feel the baby. It just makes it more real.

And I think Matt and I just make small babies. My uterus is measuring 2 cms smaller then what it should typically be and people didn't think I looked pregnant until I was about 26 we├Ęks. People often tell me they just forget I am even pregnant since I don't look it. I can't wait for my little bump to pop out. I miss having a place to rest my hands.

I feel like this is an incredibly small update, but there just isn't very many pregnancy symptoms going on. Maybe I just don't notice them because I am busy with Sienna. I feel like I am rarely sitting still, whereas when I was pregnant with Sienna all I did was watch One Tree Hill and crochet my days away.

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