Monday, September 14, 2015

So long sweet summer

I know lots of people like the fall, and I would probably like it more if in Canada it meant a month or two about 20 degree weather, but no. Fall is practically winter around here. So needless to say I miss the hot summer days, even though at the time I couldn't wait for cooler weather.
This was such a fun fun summer for us. Here are some highlights

Sienna's first parade.

She loved the parade. She wouldn't let me take any candy from her so her bag and hands were overflowing. She loved looking at the floats and especially loved seeing the horses.

Sienna loves to play in the water. We went to the pool everyday we could. If we didnt make it to the pool I would turn the hose on and she would just play with that. We are so sad that the pool is closed for the season. Really wishing cardston had a good indoor pool right about now.

We went to Waterton a few times and played at lots of parks over the summer.

And of course ate tons of ICE CREAM! Isn't she so danty and polite when she eats ice cream?

Wally's beach. Tip for next year, go earlier in the season because the water gets realllly low come August.

Loves her stuffies and a minky blanket.

Give this girl a cob and she is good to go for at least 20 minutes.

This is how we spent some rainy days. In a little fort watching a movie, with a snack.

Poor babe got her first wasp bite. But she was so tough and only whined for like 5 seconds! We were so impressed. Especially because Matt got bit a few days before hand and complained for the rest of the night! :)



Kristen Ruiz said...

Hahaha, poor little Matt. Looks like you had a great summer!!! I can't believe how big Sienna looks!! And her hair is so long!!

Jennica Van Blerkom said...

soo brave! i got stung by a wasp this summer and holy cow it really hurt! love the update!