Saturday, February 20, 2016

David 3 months

Hello big boy!
David has grown so much. I love it. I actually don't feel like he needs to slow down. Mostly because I feel like he was never quite a newborn, maybe cause he was different then Sienna. I felt like we skipped that stage so I don't really have a squishy cuddly newborn to miss.

*Weight: 12 pounds something... I forgot to really pay attention when he got weighed (10th percentile)
*Height: 23.75, 25th percentile 
Everyone thinks David is so big but those percentiles say otherwise. I think he seems big because he is so alert all the time and active and not to mention he has a pretty big noggin.
*David smiles all the time. You are so easy to make smile. We are getting into some little laughs.
* Started sitting in the bumbo and LOVES it.
* Still isn't the best napper
* Doesn't like a pacifier. I am convinced if he did he would nap better. I haven't give up yet on him
* Squirms almost out of his car seat if not buckled in.
* Loves to eat his hands. He tries his best to wiggle them out of his swaddle and into his mouth.
* Enjoys tummy time. He seems to be getting the idea of what it takes to roll over.
* Quite enjoys his bath. If he is frantic for what seems like no reason, we give him a bath
* CONSTIPATED. Poor boy. In a week he had only pooped once and it was small. He made up for it though when he exploded. We are talking thick poop all down one leg and all over his little bum. It was definitely a bath time blow out.
*Went on his first plane ride! He did so good. There was tons of turbulence but he never seemed to mind. And I sat next to a grandpa one flight and a grandma the next and they were so sweet and didn't mind a baby at all.
                                       Despite his expression, he really does love the bath! 

                                       He's pretty good at flashing a smile for the camera. 
Look at him hold that big noggin up.

 Loving the bumbo
 Went thru a phase for a couple of days where he pursed his lips a lot.
And another phase where he stuck out his tongue all the time.
We sure love this sweet boy. He is happy most of the time and makes us happy, 99% of the time. If he could just sleep more at night...

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