Thursday, February 11, 2016

That time Sienna broke my finger.

Sienna broke my finger. Not really a phrase I ever thought I would say. I was exercising saturday mid morning. Sienna often likes to play with the 3lb weights when I exercise. She got one out and the first thing she did was lift it to her chest and give it a little toss. We told her not to throw them but to put them down softly. So she did... Until she didn't. I was in push up position and she was standing a foot or so in front of me. She brought the weight to her chest and let it fly. It hit my middle finger square on the nail and I heard a loud pop. It reminded me of the time in Jr. High in a game of killer spoons where Devin Johnson leapt and knelt on my finger causing my pinky fingernail to pop out from under neath my skin. Painful. I immediately checked to see that the nail was still in tact which it was which meant the pop was likely my bones breaking. Which it was.
I wish I has brought my phone or iPad with me to the e.r. Room so I could have a picture of the x-Ray. My middle finger bone really did look flatter then the rest and going up each side of the bone was a crack. So I don't have pieces of bone floating around but she pretty much broke my finger into 3 pieces. It feels much better now, a week later but I sure miss using my whole hand. Changing diapers, getting dressed, picking up and putting down a baby that can't support them self much is tough! But it does also help me realize how blessed I am to have the body I have. Most days it can do anything required of it with no problems. That is a miracle and a blessing. 

I have no clue why there is a dent. It was like that immediately once it happened. My thought is maybe some nerve damage or something? There is still a slight dent but now where the dent was is a little bruise. Weird stuff. 

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