Monday, February 15, 2016

Miss Si Si

Just thought I'd do a little sienna update. I wish I was better at updating more singular events instead of  doing it all at once.

Sienna moved into a big girl bed about a week after David came. We thought she would have a hard time but she loved it! She did really well in the beginning with staying in her bed until we came in to get her... now a few months later, not so much. She no longer takes naps in her room because she will play the whole time and she often falls asleep at bedtime by the door with her pillow, blankets and stuffies.
She is speaking quite a bit more. She says some 2-3 word sentences like thank you, here you go, bye bye pup pup.
She loves anything she can eat with something like ketchup, ranch, and salsa. And she eats best when she is distracted. So breakfast is often eaten in the bath tub and lunch and dinner while watching peppa or playing with some toy.
She has become obsessed with peppa pig and could watch it all day and if we arent watching it she wants me to read her the books. mostly she just wants to watch it.
Sienna loves to play outside. We can not wait for the weather to warm up annd the wind to die down so we can be out there everyday. She likes to play in the snow the only problem is she hates wearing gloves and loves eating snow so her hands get cold very fast.

 Getting good use of the baby swing before David came
 I can't remember how her mattress and herself  ended up by the dresser... 
 She has become obsessed with bubbles and they disappear to fast when we fill up the whole tub so she has been bathing in davids baby tub.

On this instence Sienna had brought her bear into the bathroom with her but left him outside the tub. I went to go get David and came back to find sienna had snuck him ito the tub. She was so happy as every time she takes a bath she tries to bring in some stuffed animal.

 this girl is so busy. Some of the things that keep her busy for longest are playing with flour, beans, rice, water...anything messy. 
I love these to! Sienna is so good with David. She says hello to him in the morning, helps me rock his bed, brings me diapers for him and if he is crying she will show him her pup pup.

Hehe, cutie bum

 Cuddles with Dad.
 Matt told her to say cheese and this is the face she gave.

 Loving the Snow

Sometimes she likes to pretend she is a baby. She hasn't used a pacifier for over a year now but every once in awhile she grabs davids to play with.
She loves to play with my old make up. Also, she has worn that shirt for 4 days in a row, all because it has a pup pup on it. And I LOVE her hair in pig tails.

 Her bed head freaks him out.
 She is getting to the stage of wearing others shoes. She loves to wear my flip flops.
This girl has been showing some major love to her dad lately and it is so wonderful. They have so much fun together!

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