Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MaId SeRvIcE?

Well I may not quite be a maid but in my apartment thats sure how I feel sometime. I bring it upon myself because my room mates know I will clean the kitchen, cause I love my kitchen to be clean and can't cook unless it is. But sometimes the kitchen mess is ridiculous and I wonder if I am the mother of 5 year olds that need to be cleaned up after. Dishes generally liter our floor or sink. Did I mention we have a dishwasher....and it's not me! So to me there is no reason for such a mess but laziness. This picture was taken after i returned from a weekend in Utah. But I don't have to be gone for 3 days for this to happen. They say they'll clean up at night so I give them a chance but I wake up in the morning to the same disaster I went to bed with. Ah college life. You gotta love it


Taylor Family said...

I sure don't miss those days. I felt the same way. I always tried to tell my roomies that I couldn't care less what their room looked like because that was a reflection of just them and only those they invited in saw it. But, the kitchen and living room were a reflection of all of us and I wanted it to be a good first impression. Hang in there!

Buddy said...

Gross! I've done my fair share of maid work with roommates. Why is it always the dishes???