Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Okay I know I haven't updated this for awhile, I've wanted to cause I've done quite a bit of fun things, but like some bloggers I only like to blog if I have pictures to go along with it. And today we finally took some pictures. I'm only blogging one post tonight of the taco bus but I will be adding a few more tomorrow probably. So our dear room mate kelsi was off track for the summer but decided to take first block classes, but they finished today so she is leaving. The only good thing about her going is we will now have more fridge and shelf space :) but that is the ONLY good thing. Kelsi has been wanting to try out the "taco bus" so we thought for her last day we'd go. It was actually really good despite how unsanitary it looked. Basically it's the bus turned restaurant. But I checked to make sure they had an approved Idaho food safety certificate to help me feel better about eating there. And the food was pretty cheep to. I wouldn't be surprised if I hit up the Taco Bus another time or 2 this semester.

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