Monday, September 14, 2009

Curse you Blakiston

So on saturday I had the privilage (if you can call it that) to hike the highest peak in waterton- Blakiston. Our designated hike leader, scott leishman informed us it was about an 8 hour ridge walk/hike. So i packed myself a little lunch, some treats and 2 water bottles, thinking i had brought way to much. Oh but low and behold scott must have been with some more experienced hikers, because we got slightly lost on the shale which cost us some precious time and energy and we were just slightly lazy and took some good breaks. So what could've been an 8 hour hike ended up taking 12 hours. I think we climbed up 4 or 5 peaks that day. I was so close to just calling it quits a few times because i was exhausted and didn't know if i could make it any farther. We were all about finished our food supplies at 4-5 o'clock and still had 4 hours of hiking ahead of us. And if it wasn't for some heaven sent small patches of snow we would've been out of water at noon. but the hike was worth is and i'm glad i can say i've conquered blakiston. But i don't think i'll ever attempt it again.
The four troopers at the very top.