Saturday, December 26, 2009


Oh if only I had known my flight would be delayed 2 hours. Then I would not be sitting all alone in the airport. I would be shopping with my sisters, spending all my money on things I don't really need (so this could be a good thing). But since that isn't the case I figured I could blog about the christmas holidays with my family in texas.

It wouldn't be a beazer christmas without some poker(rumoli) and beer(root beer of course)...
the traditional white elephant gifts. Some were a little outrageous this year. In case you can't tell that is my dad in the picture sporting a floral shirt and floral pants, which is a big fashion no no, but to add to it he adds flip flops and socks. He really took the biscuit there.
Mama Beaz pretty in pink calling princess kami on her princess phone.
Then we went to the show homes and let me tell you I've never seen such beautiful homes. There wasn't one house that had everything I would've wanted but Of all the houses I saw I think I could piece my dream home. First picture is of my favorite living room the next is of my fav bathroom.

This is at the Alamo grounds. It was pretty interesting. We went on a cute liitle river ride. I'm sad to say that I still don't know anything about the alamo. I spent most of my time taking pictures of these two.

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Taylor Family said...

I'm so sad we weren't there! It looks like you had a great time. When you're not with your friends, please come say hi!